At the Terrasse O2, we create an ephemeral setting in the centre of Brussels. When you arrive, you will feel like you are on holiday, having a good time with friends, colleagues or family. And every year, we strive to make this project evolve in order to surprise you but also to take advantage of all the new means that allow us to protect what surrounds us.

Indeed, we are committed to taking care of the site that welcomes us, in particular by taking care to preserve its nature.

This year, we wanted to pay particular attention to the treatment of waste throughout the season. To this end, we have further strengthened our collaboration with our environmental partner Renewi. Renewi has been active in the field of waste collection, processing and recycling for many years and is now able to recycle almost 90% of the waste it collects, thanks to ongoing technical innovations and developments.

In order to further improve the treatment and quality of waste sorting, we have installed selective sorting bins on the Terrasse O2 site.

We strongly encourage you to use them when you visit our site. You thus participate in the success of our commitment…

Moreover, because we measure the great chance that we have to benefit from such a nature in the heart of the capital, we believe that it is our responsibility to preserve it. It is therefore essential that all our visitors participate in keeping this exceptional place clean and preserving its wildlife. We therefore ask you not to leave any rubbish on or around the car park.

We are aware that an event is a powerful lever for change. Indeed, by gathering a large number of people in one place we have the opportunity to reach a large audience quickly. Our wish is to make our visitors aware of the challenges of sustainable development, to exchange, to debate and to use our Terrace as a laboratory to test new ways of doing things, new models and new technologies.

In this spirit and in order to be the best informed, we have contacted the UCM (Union des Classes Moyennes) – environment department – which answers free of charge the questions sent to it by SMEs & self-employed people and which concern in particular the legal obligations incumbent on them in terms of the environment, pollution prevention, water management, waste and atmospheric emissions.

In addition, we have joined the “” community, an online platform that advises companies in the events sector on 4 important areas: responsibility at every level (producer, supplier, transporter, set-up, etc.), the sustainability of the materials and products used, eco-design and the environmental protection of sites.

Finally, we decided to support “Reforest’Action” which allows companies and individuals to act for Man and the Environment by planting trees online and measure the positive impact.

The Terrasse O2 has planted 4000 trees in Haiti.

Thanks to the support of its members, Reforest’Action plants up to 100,000 trees per year in France, Senegal, Haiti, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala. By planting a tree with Reforest’Action, we act on the climate, biodiversity, the living conditions of populations in difficulty, for ourselves, others and future generations… Trees allow us to :

  • fight against climate change by storing CO2 ;
  • stop desertification by hydrating the soil ;
  • preserve biodiversity, which provides innumerable ecological services;
  • develop the economy of the territories.



  •  To maintain and develop a working tool in compliance with ecological and eco-responsible standards so that FDHprod is a model of green enterprise in the short term.
  • Eco-design of activities,
  • Work with seasonal products.
  • Encourage proactive waste management.
  • Optimise staff travel and encourage carpooling.
  • Favouring partners and suppliers committed to similar approaches.
  • Continuously improve our business in the face of the ecological challenge.


Indirect aspects

  • Choice of products offered
  • Management of disposable consumables
  • Choice of our suppliers

Direct aspects

  • Production of waste

  • Storage of materials

  • Transport of materials

  • These different aspects will be continuously evaluated in order to optimise the entire production chain as much as possible.


  • To ask the producers with whom we work to advise us on the list and quantities of products that make up our menus
  • Encourage cooperatives to serve ecological producers.


  • All suppliers work with reusable bins.

  • Waste is sorted and volume destroyed.

  • Food waste is turned into compost.


  • The cooperative organisation allows us to centralise the producers and thus optimise the delivery routes.

  • Encourage carpooling and/or the use of soft transport.


The present rules apply to all visitors to the TerrasseO2, including the Rose & Lulu restaurant, and are intended to offer everyone a friendly and safe space, with respect for each other.

Any person wishing to access the establishment expressly agrees to respect all the clauses of these rules.

The security staff reserves the right to carry out checks to verify compliance with these rules. All visitors are required to cooperate in checking compliance with the provisions of these rules and to follow the instructions given to them by members of the security service in order to maintain security, calm and order. In the event of refusal, the person or persons will be refused entry or escorted out.

Access to the establishment is reserved for persons aged 18 or over after 6p.m. (even in the restaurant).

Animals are not allowed in the establishment, with the exception of assistance dogs for the visually impaired.

We inform you that the management of the car park is not operated by the TerrasseO2. Any complaints should be addressed to Drohme Park.   (

Access may also be refused to :

  • Anyone in possession of alcohol or food.
  • Any person in possession of a weapon, dangerous objects or drugs.
  • Any person who has previously been refused access to the establishment (disturbance of the peace) during a previous visit.
  • When the capacity of the establishment has been reached (taking into account private or corporate reservations previously made) or when the establishment is about to close.
  • When the establishment has, exceptionally, been privatised.
  • To any person in a state of drunkenness or abnormal state (in particular due to the effect of narcotics) observed by security.
  • Any person whose dress, attitude or behaviour is inappropriate or threatening and likely to jeopardise the safety of those present and/or the smooth running of the event. In particular, this includes any dress or behaviour that is clearly of a nature to provoke others, incite violence, hatred, xenophobia, racial hatred, or any type of discrimination.
  • To any person who does not wear decent and correct clothing, i.e. for men, a shirt or polo shirt with a collar, classic trousers (jeans without holes, chino, no jogging or other sportswear, etc.) and closed shoes, and for women, no clothing that could be considered an invasion of privacy, no flip-flop type shoes, no sportswear, no swimming costume, jeans without holes.
  • Any person wearing a mask or any other accessory (balaclava, ….) that prevents identification.
  • Any person refusing to comply with the present rules.

It is formally forbidden, on pain of permanent exclusion, to :

  • Carrying any blunt or sharp object or object that represents a danger to the establishment’s security service.
  • To be in a state of drunkenness or in an abnormal state (notably due to the effect of narcotics) as observed by security.
  • To have an outfit, an attitude or a behaviour that would be inappropriate or threatening and likely to jeopardise the safety of the persons present and/or the smooth running of the event. This includes any dress or behaviour that is clearly of a nature to provoke others, incite violence, hatred, xenophobia, racial hatred, or any type of discrimination.
  • Consuming food or drink that has not been served by the establishment.
  • Showing disrespect and/or rudeness and/or aggression towards other customers and/or any member of staff. All visitors expressly undertake to behave courteously towards the staff and management. They shall ensure that their behaviour does not constitute a nuisance for other persons present.
  • To use, possess or sell drugs.
  • Stealing, disrespecting or damaging the equipment made available to customers (furniture, decoration, lighting, etc.)

For your safety and that of our staff, the establishment is under video surveillance.


Protection Unit company ensures the security of the public and the site of the Terrace 24 hours a day. It is permanently connected to the Uccle police.

Our security agents are authorised to examine the contents of bags and in certain exceptional situations, to carry out a body search.


Every year, we attach particular importance to the decoration of the Terrace site in order to offer you a pleasant setting. We ask you to respect this work and this investment. Any damage to or theft of material will result in permanent exclusion from the Terrace (for the current and future seasons) and will, if necessary, be subject to legal proceedings.


Please respect the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood when you arrive and leave the Terrace. 

For any communication : [email protected]

For your safety and that of our staff, the establishment is under video surveillance.

The TerrasseO2 team

For several years now, environmental protection and accessibility to the Hippodrome site have been among our priorities. For the 2024 season, the O2 terrace intends to further intensify its efforts by providing you with several mobility alternatives that contribute to reducing our ecological footprint on the one hand and to offering you easy and comfortable solutions on the other.

We ask you to respect good behaviour, not to park on pedestrian areas and unauthorised roads.

Please respect the neighbourhood and do not honk your horn when entering or leaving the Terrasse O2.

You can also reach the O2 terrace on foot via the main entrance of Drohme Park (in front of the horse) at 53 Chaussée de la Hulpe.

The Drohme Park car park is not available for customers of the Terrasse O2.

Kiss & Ride Drohme Park

Download the application : Waze


70 parking spaces will also be available at Avenue des Coccinelles 112 in 1170 Watermael-Boisfort. This car park is located only 5 minutes walk from the entrance of the Terrasse O2.

Télécharger l’application ici : Zenpark

Victoria parking

We offer free parking at Parking Victoria, 33 Avenue Victoria, 1000 Brussels.


Get around easily and in one click with the UBER application. In addition, you will receive a Fast Lane ticket for faster access to the Terrasse O2.

Download the application Uber 

Take advantage of our SPECIAL PROMO CODE (5€ FREE) : LATERRASSE24

Bike parking

We have a large free bicycle park with 100 spaces next to the entrance porch.


We offer you a free shuttle service from the Victoria car park. The O2 terrace will inform you of the days of availability of this service via our Facebook page La terrasse O2.

Parking Victoria – 33 Avenue Victoria 1000 Brussels :

Google maps      Waze     Sam Drive


Forget about BOB and think now about SAM to enjoy your evenings in all serenity. You won’t have to worry about parking when you go out on the town and you’ll get home with a driver available until 3.30am…

Download the application : Sam Drive


Only a few months after the launch of Lime Trottinette in Brussels, the free-floating urban mobility service is already an integral part of the daily life of the inhabitants of Brussels.

Download the application : Lime


Terrasse O2 is also accessible by public transport.
To get to the Terrasse O2 , the nearest stop is “Hippodrome de Boitsfort”.
Download the application: Stib


Station 300 – Boondael station (Avenue de de la Forest 23 – Brussels)
Station 296 – Boitsfort station (Chaussée de la Hulpe 187 – Brussels)
Station 245 – Hamoir (Chaussée de Waterloo 1143 – Brussels)

Click on our map here : Map Villo

Do you have any questions ?     [email protected]

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